Meet Kendal

The Girl Behind Overall Good Day

Every day is an "OVERALL GOOD DAY" Why? Because Joy, unlike happiness, isn't dependent upon circumstances. 

The truth is that this saying has been with me all my life, & ever since I was little, I've worn overalls. 


I grew up in Clovis, California, attended public school K-12 & am a California country girl through & through. I spent most of my childhood on a horse at rodeos with my dad or up hiking in Yosemite with my mom and grandparents. I was raised to believe that you get back up and hit right back when life tries to knock you down. You choose to see the good in the world despite the bad and choose to smile even on the hardest days because there is always a brighter side and something to be grateful for. 


Honestly, none of us thought we would be here at the beginning of 2020. In one way or another, this past year has affected us all. It has been a year of trials, but also a year of many blessings. Many of us were able to have an opportunity to slow down, hit the breaks on our fast track lives & spend quality time with family & friends. For the most part, overall (pun intended), the days were good. But on the flip side, there were also more days than I care to admit where the only thing that kept me going and holding on to hope was my overalls. You see, for years, on days that were more difficult than normal, I'd put on my overalls & say to myself, "today is an overall good day." We all have our problems and our different crosses that we bear. One of mine is a little something called Scoliosis (click here to read my blog about how to live joyfully despite living in constant pain). We all experience suffering, but it's about how you respond to it that matters.

That's why when people would ask me how I was able to smile despite all the craziness going on in the world, I'd gesture to my overalls & say, "Today's an Overall Good Day!" My friends and family thought that it was really catchy, and so I decided I wanted to create a platform where I could help others find what gives them the ability to say, "It's an overall good day," whether through a pair of overalls, a blog post, or a photo. To remind people that...At the bottom of every valley is hope, and likewise, at the top of every mountain, there is joy; no matter where you are or what is going on in the world, choose to say today is good because it is!

Person Writing

"This is the day the LORD has made, let us rejoice & be glad in it!"

-Psalm 118:24